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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I use Qourier? Qourier is a beautiful app that is extremely intuitive and simple to use. You can deliver your items in 3 simple steps: 1. Provide your pickup and delivery address 2. Enter package and payment details 3. Arrange with your Qourier for pickup 2. When can I use Qourier? Qourier is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 3. What can I deliver with Qourier? Just about anything! Qourier works just like your regular courier service, but better! For the list of restricted items, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. 4. How much does it cost? Deliveries start at $5 and are determined by the distance from pickup to delivery, and the weight of the package. 5. How do I pay? Payment is done entirely through the Qourier app, and is completely cash-free! We accept payments via credit or debit card. 6. Who will be making my deliveries? Anyone who've signed up with us as a "Qourier"! Qouriers go through a background check and are personally onboarded by our operations team. They are qualified to deliver anything you want! 7. How soon will my job request be confirmed? Upon posting of jobs, we estimate a 1-hour response time from our Qouriers to bid for your job. 8. How do I contact my Qourier? You can call or message your Qourier at any point during the delivery, directly from the app! 9. What if there is no one to receive the parcel? Your parcel will be sent to Qourier Office for safekeeping. If you require a redelivery, please post a new job where the Pickup Location is at our office. Alternatively, your recipient can choose to collect the parcel from our office with no extra charge. 10. Will I be able to track my parcels? Yes! You will receive a notification when your job is Assigned, Picked Up and Delivered. Once your job has been completed successfully, do remember to drop a review for your Qourier. :) 11. How do you onboard and verify a Qourier? All Qouriers are thoroughly vetted, including a background check. 12. What happens if my delivery request is not being accepted? If your delivery request is not accepted within the stipulated timing, that means our Qouriers are not available to accept your request. Please delete your job and then repost again at a different timing. A refund will be generated to you in 2-3 working days. 13. How do I open a corporate account? Please email us at sales@qourier.com. Our sales team will do our best to accommodate your business needs. 14. Why should I sign up as a Corporate User? Corporate Users enjoy these benefits: 1. Monthly invoiced payments. 2. Free one-time redelivery to the same address. 3. Flat rates for your parcels, no matter the distance! 15. What are the operating hours for Qourier Operations Team? Our operating hours are from 10am-7pm. We can also be reached on our hotline at 96700850. For urgent matters outside our operating hours, feel free to reach us by selecting “Contact Us” within the Qourier app. 16. For Qouriers (Delivery Runners) ___________________ 17. How do I become a Qourier? Simply drop us an email at support@qourier.com or apply within the Qourier app under "User Profile". 18. What are the requirements to be a Qourier? As long as you are a Singaporean/PR above 16 years old, you are welcomed to be a Qourier! 19. Can I use public transport to deliver the parcel(s)? Of course! As long as you are able to make the delivery timing, any form of transportation is acceptable! 20. How will I get paid? We will transfer you the amount you have earned to the bank account provided to us when you first sign up. If you would like to make changes to your bank account details, feel free to reach us by selecting “Contact Us”, within the Qourier app. 21. When will I be paid? Qourier will bank transfer you the monthly total amount you have earned during the first week of each month! 22. How much will I be able to receive once I have completed a delivery? You will receive 80% of the amount stated on the delivery (eg. For a $10 delivery, you will be paid $8). 23. How do I change the status of a delivery? Under the “Jobs” tab, tap on the job and select the new status accordingly. 1. Picked Up - If the item has been picked. 2. Declined - If you can't make it on time. A valid reason is required otherwise penalties will be incurred. 3. Delivered - Once you update a job to "Delivered", you are required to get the recipient to sign on your phone and provide his/her name as acknowledgement of receipt. 24. Why am I unable to view any listed deliveries despite receiving notifications from the Qourier app? Deliveries are assigned to the first Qourier who bids on it, therefore, the delivery may have already been taken by someone else. 25. What if there is no one at the delivery location to receive the parcel? You can contact the recipient/requestor for further instructions. If both parties cannot be reached, you can contact our operations team under “Contact Us” within the Qourier app. 26. Can I leave the parcel at the receptionist/security? Yes! Provided you have gotten the recipient's consent and acknowledgement. Please do not sign on the Proof of Delivery (put a dash), and indicate that you have left the parcel at the receptionist/security. 27. If I am unable to make the specified delivery timing, am I able to change it? Yes! You need to contact the requester and recipient to get his/her permission to rearrange for a more suitable timing. However, please note that too frequent change of delivery timing will result in penalties. 28. What will happen if I decline deliveries too frequently? Declining deliveries too frequently without valid reasons will result in auto-deactivation in our system. 29. What if the parcel that I picked up is in a different weight tier from what is stated on the delivery details? If that happens, please complete the delivery if you are able to. However, do send us a photo of the item via email (support@qourier.com) or whatsapp (96700850)! We will contact the requestor and top up the additional amount to the correct weight tier. 30. How do I cancel a job if I am unable to make it? Under the “Jobs” tab, select ASSIGNED, change it to DECLINE and input your reason. A valid reason is required otherwise penalties will be incurred.