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Qourier Air is a service that uses people and software to manage the complexity of international shipping.
We provide a technology driven platform that offers complete visibility of your shipments; but we are not all software - our experienced logistics and customs experts are here to help at every step of the way.
Together, we are building a future where businesses can sell without concern for geographic distance or logistical complexity.
Why Qourier?
Quality service at an affordable price Qourier Air provides detailed and transparent rate information with no hidden mark ups. We work with the best to ensure your parcels are handled professionally at a truly competitive price.
Door to door No more going down to the post office and endure the snaking queues! Qourier will come to you and pick up your parcel. Every time.
Reach in 1-3 days Qourier Air is exceptionally fast. When you request a delivery with us, your parcel will be shipped out of Singapore that very same night and reach your recipient between 1 to 3 days.
No box necessary Have something to ship? Qourier will pick up your parcel as-it-is and help you to box, cushion, label and seal your parcel. For free.
Faster clearance Our customs experts ensure shipment compliance for almost all products, so your parcels clear customs faster with no fuss.
Start shipping in 30 seconds Requesting a delivery is a few simple taps away, and our user-friendly interface means you can start shipping in no time at all!
Track your deliveries Qourier Air offers full tracking visibility from order to delivery within a centralized dashboard that provides immediate updates from the instant your parcel is picked up.
We work with the best Our industry-leading partners and global logistics network ensures your parcels are handled professionally and reach their destinations in exceptional time.
Insurance All your parcels are automatically insured from pickup to delivery. Additional coverage is also available for high value parcels to ensure a complete peace of mind.
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