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What's 'Qourier'?

No spelling error there! Qourier is a local and international logistics service that connects you to thousands of verified couriers, also affectionately referred to as Qourier Heroes. Tapping into technology and the sharing economy, we aim to solve a mundane problem in our daily lives; queuing up at the post office to deliver parcels.

Mission: Possible.

Our mission is to keep logistics as simple as possible for everyone by harnessing the power of new technologies, as well as the sharing economy.


Qourier was co-founded by Elston Yee, Wong Yongjie and Satheesh Thekku Veethil in 2014, complemented by a work hard, play hard team of specialists in areas of technology, operations, and design. Headquatered in the heartlands of Singapore, it's not a surprise that we are also adept in all things yummy.

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