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Qourier For Business
About Qourier is an on-demand service that delivers your items at the touch of a button. With Qourier, you can easily check the delivery status and receive immediate confirmation when it's safely delivered. Have concerns during delivery? Qourier lets you call or text your courier directly. Whether you are sending a document to your client or surprising a special someone at work, Qourier helps make deliveries a little less work.
Features Super easy. Silly fast With the Qourier mobile app (iOS/Android), requesting a delivery is a few simple taps away. You can skip the snaking queues and manual shipping forms at the parcel office, and it's much faster than calling a traditional courier service company - plus, we will never place you on hold! Deliver anything; starts from $5. You can ship just about anything with Qourier and all deliveries start from $5 and are adjusted to the distance between pickup and delivery points, and the weight of your item.
Track your deliveries. Upon pickup, Qourier lets you easily check your delivery status so you'll always know where everything is. Have direct access to your courier. Receive your courier's ID even before they arrive. Qourier allows you to text/call them if you have any questions during the delivery. Instant confirmation. Get instantly notified wherever you are when your packages are safely delivered.
We are serious about security. We take your entrusted packages like our business depends on it – because it does.
  1. Electronic Signature Delivery
  2. Know who is your courier even before they arrive
  3. Stringent vetting process for all couriers
  1. Rated couriers based on performance
  2. Have direct access to your courier during the delivery
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